Today is the last registration did you apply ?

So how is going your kbc participation .Hope it is going well and those who registered in our site must know that we applied for you on kbc official site .Before letting know anything else just think about the last kbc registration question which will begin today 21st June Sharp 9:00 Pm Question Number 5th . If you still not applied for any kbc registration question then you have a chance till today 8:59pm for kbc registration Question 4th date 20 June 2017 


If you still not register on our site or apply via sms/ivr then you must know how to apply via sms/ ivr which is given below :

Kbc registration question when arrives you have your answers (Must be one  in A,B,C,D )

  • Go to official kbc website
  • Choose your answer in four options (A,B,C,D) AND READY WITH YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS
  • You must have your contact Number with your location
  • Date of Birth and must above 18 years of Age
  • Selecting your Gender (Male or Female)

Apply Via Kbc official App

  • You must have to download sony kbc official mobile app to answer and registering or taking part in kbc registration season 9 2017.
  • When you enter in mobile app there you can fill your details like : Your name , Date of Birth and mobile number with your email .
  • Answer by selecting one options (A,B,C,D )
  • Note : You must above 18 years of age so that you can apply in kbc registration or any kbc registration program.

Apply via SMS/IVR 

You can also apply via Your mobile phone . There is different mode for sending answers for different cellular companies which is listed below . This means of registering in kbc is very simple . How you can register with your mobile number with your cellular :

IVR means by calling . Type 5052525 and your answer like 01 if your answer is A, 02 if your answer is B, 03 if your answer is c and 04 if your answer is D.

SMS means by texting . Type your answer like kbc <SPACE> <AGE MUST BE 18 AS ON 17TH JULY 2017 > <GENDER M /F > AND SEND IT TO 509093


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